About Stracom

Stracom is a global strategic communications and consultancy agency established in Istanbul, Turkey, with representatives in London.

Our team is comprised of talented, accomplished employees from diverse, professional backgrounds. We are committed to satisfying our customers on a long term basis. Driven with a passion for public relations, we recognize that each and every client has a unique story and voice. We aim to create innovative tools and platforms to amplify your story, recalibrate your brand, to broaden awareness, add value, enhance global positions, and engage with customers. Drawing on a client-centric approach, our team customizes specific models and solutions to each of our partners.

We deliver creative, inspiring, and sustainable business solutions and communication strategies that are tailored to local and global markets, as well as different industries. We provide multidisciplinary public relations services that build strong relationships between businesses and their customers. We aim to create tools to tell your story and spread your unique voice, while forming a trust-based relationship with your customers and audience. We are committed to harnessing new and emerging technologies and trends in an ever evolving media landscape to ensure that every available up-to-date means is used to secure a favorable perception of your business, or campaign.

Our team is composed of experienced and talented individuals who have a proven track record in different fields such as public relations, journalism, digital marketing, advertising, political strategy, quantitative and qualitative research, crisis management, training, communication management, data science, filmmaking, social media. Together, we combine creative concepts, intimate media-knowledge and in-depth industry understanding.

At the core of Stracom values is respect for the privacy of our partners, respect for our audience, teamwork, ethical behavior and transparent business practices. We are enthusiastic about working with clients who are visionary, striving for excellence, and looking for innovative solutions.

Our Practice

We adopt fully integrated multidisciplinary public relations services that include various tools to recalibrate your brand and engage your business with customers.

Our Services

In order to maintain a sustainable communications strategy and satisfy our customers on a long term basis, we employ a four stage business plan that includes: research, programming, implementation, and evaluation.
Accurate information is vital to implement an effective communications strategy, hence the Stracom team provides well-designed research models based on effective tools and solid data in accordance with the needs of the customers.
These research models include qualitative and quantitative, primary and secondary methods, as well as content analysis. In depth research enables our team to evaluate and analyze the need and content for PR and fully comprehend the target audiences.
Accordingly we develop innovative communications strategies that are compatible with your business and communications objectives.
These strategies include short term objectives as well as long-term PR goals. In order to reach these objectives and goals we employ customized, creative, and innovative tools.
As we deliver results, our team keeps on the evaluation process to measure the impact of results. Stracom team would provide the measurement of the media production, message exposure, as well as audience actions, awareness, and attitudes.

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